2 Pillars of Spiritual Mastery Explained

When we talk about spiritual mastery it is defined as a perfection or completion of a spiritual process and a full understanding of the nature of reality.  Michael Mirdad a spiritual teacher says that there are many advantages to attaining this level of spirituality such as the ability to focus one’s destiny, select a higher-dimensional reincarnation, transcend death and be able to perceive astral, trans-astral realms as well as non-physical and non-conceptual aspects of reality and the universe.  In order to achieve this one must muster the pillars of spiritual mastery.


According to Michael Mirdad workshops, in order to achieve a level of spiritual mastery and be able to remain in that state long enough to benefit from it, one needs to be committed to the path of truth. The reason?  Lie create confusion and addle one from sticking to the right path.  Trickery, deceptions and lies encourage karmic effects that stunt one’s vibration and imprisons your spirit in a state of separation from Source.  If you want the universe to be at your beck and call, you need to be open with it. Spiritual truth cannot be perceived from any state that is its opposite and therefore true spiritual mastery may be achieved if one renounces all forms of deception and lies.

Ethical Purity

In the western setting, spiritual mastery is very difficult to achieve because being in an unethical state is almost a natural and common thing to experience. A lot of people do not believe in ethical purity because they engage in deluding themselves as well as others in order to get what they want and by doing so they violate the basic spiritual laws and principles that make a strong relationship to Source possible. Whatever advantage you think you can achieve by lying and cheating can be quickly outweighed by the inevitable depletion of energy and once in that state you make yourself vulnerable to other people doing the same for you.

Are Salvaged Parts Worth The Trouble?

Are Salvaged Parts Worth The Trouble?

Many people looking to save money on aftermarket parts are looking at salvage and junkyards to scour for precious parts and accessories for their vehicles. The truth is salvaged parts can give brand new parts a run for their money as long as they are in good working condition.

What are Salvaged Parts?

Sell my junker Algonquin IL specialists define salvaged parts are essentially usable vehicle parts and components extracted from vehicles that have been declared junk cars.  Junk cars are basically cars that are too costly to repair. These vehicles have either been involved in flooding, theft, collision, fire and other conditions that make them unsafe for their road.

What Parts can be salvaged?

According cash for junk car Addison IL experts, almost any part can be salvaged as long as it is still in good working order this ranges from:

  • Tires
  • Car Batteries
  • Engine parts and components
  • Transmission
  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Mirrors
  • Catalytic Converters
  • GPS System
  • A/C Compressor

This list is not exhaustive as there are many more parts that can be salvaged from junk cars.

How To Hunt for Salvaged Parts?

If you are looking for a vital car component like the engine or transmission you may want to bring with you a mechanic so he can assess whether or not the part being offered is safe or not. He may not be able to see all the possible kinks by doing a visual inspection but at least he will be able to spot some red flags that you can avoid.

Talk only with a reputable salvage yard that:

  • Tests, guarantees and provides a warranty on all parts being sold to ensure you have a safe drive when they are installed
  • Has an organized stock of used auto parts and accessories that are retrieved quickly
  • Employs courteous and knowledgeable employees that know what they’re talking about and can answer any question or concern you may have with the parts
  • Offers refunds or an exchange policy for customers not happy with their purchase

Salvaged parts may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are a good alternative for people looking to save money on vehicle parts. Deal only with salvage yards that have a good track record of providing high quality salvaged parts to their customers.


How to Get Top Dollar for your Scrap Car

The key to getting top dollar for your scrap car is negotiation. Normally, people don’t negotiate with junkyard companies because they are more than happy that these folks are going to pay them money in exchange for getting rid of something they no longer need or want. However, some junkyards do lowball legitimate customers especially those that are unaware of the true value of their vehicles.  If you want to get top dollar for your scrap car, read on below for details. ‘

Know Your Car

According to auto recycling Blue Island Il dealers, knowing your car is the first step against getting scammed out of money you should be getting for your junk car. Yes, it may be junk but that does not mean there is little or no value from it. Junkyard companies can earn as much as three hundred percent on each vehicle they get from customers because the fact of the matter is there is really more value in the car than you previously thought.  Do check out Kelly’s Blue Book and other online sources to know how much your car is worth.  Maybe you have a collector’s item on your hands and you did not even know it. Educating yourself is the first step in getting real money as opposed to an initial offer, which is normally low.

Deal with Legit Junkyards Only

According to scrap car Beach Park IL, dealing with legit junkyards can take the guesswork from knowing what value your car is. Reputable junkyards have a reputation to protect which means they wont low-ball offers just so they can make a quick buck. In the junkyard industry trust is an important component in the business.  Those that do not follow this are quick to learn their business won’t last long. 

What is a Legitimate Junkyard Dealer?

  • Has a legitimate address and place of business
  • Provides customers with a reasonable quote based on market values, not guesswork
  • Provides free towing
  • Will require vehicle title and registration as a prerequisite to the purchase

Do not be misled by fly-by-night junkyards that give lowball offers just so they can take the problem off your hands. Get real money for your junk car by dealing only with reputable dealers that provide the same service, only better.

Car Preventive Maintenance for Dummies

We all love our cars but we all hate having to take care of it due to our busy schedules juggling work and family life. For a select few, they can tune, repair and pretty much do anything with their cars because they love doing that and really put some time to accomplishing it. For the rest of us, we often call our trusty mechanic to do the heavy lifting but pay premium in the process. If you think you can handle some car maintenance chores here are some preventive car maintenance tips for dummies.

Do Your Own Car Inspections

Waiting for an oil change to perform a vehicle inspection is quite a long time to determine if there is something wrong with your car. They say prevention is better than cure and it is all the more true with vehicles. All those moving parts can exact a toll on your car. Finding out early on if there is a problem can save you money in part and labor.  Check your lights and wipers if they are in working properly. Listen for any unusual noises beneath the hood. Check your owner’s manual for the right tire gauge. Junk car towing Barrington IL recommends correct tire inflation to prevent tire wear and high gasoline consumption.

Fluid Levels

You do not have to be a mechanic in order to check the different fluid levels on your vehicle. Most of a vehicle’s fluid reservoirs are easy to see due to a visible tank. The engine oil however will require you to pull a dipstick for the oil levels. According to auto recycling Bloomingdale IL, as your vehicle gets older, the condition of the fluids is an excellent indicator of how the parts are faring in the car. Check to see if you have a car fluid that is always low. Does it look dirty or old to you? If you cannot appreciate any visible leak, this could be a sign that other internal components are going bad. Discovering it early will save you hundreds of dollars in roadside towing fees not to mention the hassle.

Clean is the Way to Go

You do not have to be a mechanic to put in some preventive maintenance on your car. Simply washing your car regularly cannot only make your car look good but protects the paint that safeguards the metal beneath it from rusting.  Washing your car is also a brilliant form of exercise that keeps your heart healthy as well.

Oil – The Car’s Lifeblood

We all know that oil is an integral component of any vehicle. It keeps all those hundreds of moving parts lubricated and running, as they should. If you do not maintain your vehicle and allow the oil to degenerate and get sludgy you will notice a decrease in vehicle performance. You do not have to be a vehicle expert to know that cars need regular oil changes to ensure good performance and gas mileage. Know the different types of automotive oils available for your car today.

Regular oil

According to junk my car Arlington Heights IL, regular or conventional oil is made from the remains of ancient organic matter such as dinosaurs and plants from that epoch. It collects in underground reservoirs and is pumped out and processed in order to remove impurities. The problem with conventional oil is that regardless of how you refine it there are still going to be a lot of contaminants left. While they may be cheaper, they are not the best choice for your car in terms of performance.

Synthetic Oil

As the name suggests, this is made from the laboratory and is derived either from alcohol or natural gas. This means these oils are purer compared to conventional oils. They cost twice as much but possess some really good engine protecting capabilities.  While they may be costly, you do not have to change your oil as often compared to if you use conventional oils.

High Mileage Oil

This type of oil is recommended for vehicles that have logged in a lot of miles and is usually marketed as a means to keep your car running longer smoothly. There is debate on whether or not this is just an elaborate marketing ploy to get people with high mileage on their cars to purchase these.

Regardless of what oil you end up choosing, the important thing is you will provide some TLC with the oil change. If your car is no longer in good shape as it was before why not sell it to a buy junk car Aurora IL dealer instead of letting it rot in your garage. Keep your car in shape with regular maintenance and oil changes.

How To Avoid Junk Car Scams

If you have an old car in your garage, the best way to get rid of it is to sell it to Cash for junk car Addison IL dealer and get some decent profit out of it rather than simply let it accumulate rust and dust.  If this is your first time selling a junker here are some tips to help you avoid some scams. 

Sell Without Vehicle Title

If you are going to sell your junk vehicle you will need to present title and registration to the sell my junker Algonquin Il provider before he accepts it.  As a rule, all vehicles whether it is a car, truck or SUV regardless if they are still operational or just metal heaps, cannot be transferred legally minus the vehicle title.  Beware of junk car dealers that would accept such a trade off, as this is not legal. If for some reason you cannot find the vehicle title, the process of getting it back is relatively easy at the DMV.  A title in hand will allow you to sell your junk vehicle legally and get more money from it in the process.

Sell Directly

Do not go for middlemen who will take a cut from your deal. Contact directly any reputable salvage yard. In this way you would be able to avoid wrecked vehicle haulers and auto auctioneers.

Avoid Corporate Vehicle Buyers

There are companies out there that buy a lot of online ad space but do not process junk vehicles. What they do is acquire only your vehicle information and then send them to salvage yards to get a bid. Keep in mind that this is not a scam per se, but they act as middlemen. What they do is they buy and sell to junkyards who in turn will process the junk cars.

Paying for Towing

If the salvage yard you contacted wants to charge you for towing, turn back; don’t walk, run away as this is an obvious scam. What happens is that the tow charge nearly costs nothing to them but they want to charge you for it anyway. Reputable salvage companies will tow for free. No questions asked.